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You do not have to cancel your business, marketing and promotional plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will help you execute those plans online.

  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Product debuts
Top Rental is the company
responsible for high quality
of online execution

We have been specialising in technical support of events and IT/AV equipment rentals for over a decade. Throughout this time, we have executed many smaller and larger events, from conferences, through trainings, fairs, Polish film festival, to international events.

We know your needs very well, whether executed in public spaces or on the Internet.


Taking into account the complex needs and various scale of communication activities of our clients, we have prepared three variants, very well-tailored to the capacity and requirements:

Variant Standard

and webinars

Variant Professional

professional, stationary and
mobile conference studio

Variant Enterprise

the highest standards of equipment
and technical support

Those, who trusted us:
Variant Standard

We provide comprehensive tools for creation of webinars and small conferences, including the technical support for the entire event.

  • Software for live broadcasts, including a moderator and max. 8 panel members
  • Advanced options of content handouts, presentations and documents, as well as graphics and content personalization
  • Preparation of surveys and voting options available during the webinar
  • Live streaming for event recipients
  • Professional videoconference equipment
Variant Professional

The solution available in two options – stationary and mobile – will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Key features of the service:

  • 6m x 2m green screen with a 6m x 2m floor
  • Comprehensive, professional technical support
  • Simultaneous streaming to the most popular platforms and to any landing page
  • Full viewer statistics, archiving options and live streaming in different language versions
  • Professional facilities for the team participating in the recording, including catering
  • Professional recording equipment and a technician. Professional audio, video and lighting equipment

This solution is also available as a mobile option, namely as a field studio!

Variant Enterprise

We ensure the highest possible standard of conference, concert or product debut event preparation and execution, including worldwide broadcasts.

Key features of the service:

  • Two state-of-the-art studios offering i.e. content creation, production and post-production options
  • Portman lighting TV 75” and 30 m2 LED screens with 2 x FullHD resolution and 2.6mm diodes
  • Full infrastructure, technical and organisational facilities
  • The highest standard of technical support
  • Canon cameras and video mixers

We have over a decade of experience in IT/AV equipment rentals, technical support and event preparation. Small, medium and very large events. In Poland and throughout Europe. From trainings and conferences, through fairs, events including several tens of thousands of people. The epidemic forced everyone to change our work style and behaviour, but our standards remain as high as ever. Regardless of whether the project is taking place online or not.


Over a decade on the market, several hundreds of events, several thousand pieces of rented equipment

Available equipment

Two sites, a stationary and a mobile studio for webinars/conferences/trainings, including full equipment (professional audio, video and IT solutions) and software

Professional support

We have a team of experienced and qualified technicians overseeing each and every step of the process

Przykładowe realizacje

Simply contact us and tell us what your needs are and we will help you select the best solution and advice the best options. You can trust our experience!

  • 1. Contact us

    Write to us or call us. If you are unsure what your needs are, just send us a message and ask us to contact you and we will call you back.

  • 2. Tell us what you need

    If you know your needs, we are already more than half way there. If not, we will help you select the best solutions.

  • 3. We execute your order

    According to the previously accepted plan and schedule. Item by item, without unnecessary stress and surprises.